Simmons and Scott Entertainment
 Monthly Classes

Just like an athlete, actors must stay in shape.  If you take time off, your work will become rusty and unfocused.  That's why it is especially important for actors to stay in class, whether you are well-established or new to the business.  Jon Simmons, offers on-camera acting classes, focusing on camera technique, audition skills, scene study, cold reading skills, and learning to work fast on your feet.  
  • $250/month
  • You may audit one class for $30
  • Classes last about 4 hours
If you are interested, please send an email to

Here is what the business is saying about Jon Simmons' acting class . . .

"I have known Jon Simmons for over a decade and his eye for talent and ability to bring out the best in every actor never ceases to amaze me.  Throughout the years I have had nothing but success with the actors he has coached.  He coaches not only with the perspective of what a casting director wants to see in the room but also from that of an actor who knows how to develop the strengths and to work on getting rid of the weaknesses of actors.  He teaches with honesty and truly cares about the actors he coaches.  I look forward to watching him continue to develop stars."
-Brandy Gold at Talentworks

"I am so glad that Jon has started to teach class again.  He helps to produce results from getting callbacks, to booking the job."
-Matt Fletcher at Greene and Associates
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